Holiday Fails

Sad you didn’t get that white Christmas you were hoping for? Maybe some of these winter mishaps will cheer you up!

Kid, I think the snow goes on the snowman!

But really, why was it open in the first place?

Guess you’ll have to wait til next year to get it out this time.

This one isn’t quite a mishap… yet.

So sad, so true.

This is one lucky driver!

Even if you don’t have snow, you can still put up Christmas lights right? Or, you know, “ditto” your neighbor’s.


Extreme Green Sports

Who says being green is boring? Explore the wonders of the natural world – with an extreme twist!

 Extreme Mountain Camping

Want an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint while rock climbing? Don’t make any kind of footprint, not even to set up your tent!

Extreme Rappelling

Explore one of mother nature’s greatest creations. This is Earth’s version of a black hole – Calcutta, Blue Mountains, Australia. All you need is some rope, sturdy shoes, and a sense of adventure!

Extreme Skiing

Craving wide open spaces and untouched powder on the slopes? Think you can handle a rough landing? Bypass the over-crowded ski hills and save some money – heli-skiing might just be the sport for you!


No money for equipment? Make the city your prop! Parkours, also called free-running, uses urban gymnastics to convert your surroundings into your own personal obstacle course.


Experience real horsepower – hit the beach catch a wave and soar. Not a fan of the water? Whip out your skateboard and hit a flat green space (short grass on a semi-hard surface is easier on the horse’s knees and still gives you the grip you need to cruise).


Bring DOT ECO to EnviroLite!

In this world of identity theft, false promises, and low reliability, it’s good to know there is a system underway to make being environmentally friendly much less political.

Like Twitter’s check mark , .eco allows environmentally sustainable websites to separate themselves from the fraudulent ones. Imagine weeding out the fake cancer victims, and being able to focus on the Lucas Gonzalez type victims that really need it. Well Dot Eco is doing something similar – for the environment.

Transparency, they say, is key. Consumers can expect full transparency from companies and organizations, which will serves as a tool that allows consumers to attain information so that head-to-head comparisons can be made across products and services.

According to Helio Mattar from the Akatu Institute, “Once a company or organization decides to become transparent about what [they] are doing, [they] will not be able to go back… It establishes a basic level, a bar, from which you can only go upwards”.

Which companies would you like to see with the Dot Eco domain?

Day in the Life – WWF

Finding light in the darkness

Sydney skyline, before and after Earth Hour 2011

Last November as I was researching my next endeavor to give back to the world that has given us so much, I stumbled across a listing for what would probably be one of the most important experiences of my life. I’ve wanted to work for the World Wildlife Fund ever since I was a teenager. Having the possibility to do so was so overwhelming to me, it almost didn’t seem real. But I applied anyway, and then I got the call that I would indeed be a part of the very first Montreal team doing outreach for Sweater Day and Earth Hour. It was the beginning of an experience that would not only open doors for my future, but would connect me with some of the most passionate and hard-working people I have ever met.

When you get a chance to take a step towards your dream, it may not always be what it was cracked up to be – like getting someone’s morning coffee instead of writing that article you were promised. Everyone has had that job. In this case, it was everything I thought it would be and more. Sure, I didn’t get to witness a cheetah streak across the savannah and take down an antelope, or follow the migration of a blue whale and her calf from the breeding to the feeding grounds, but I have my whole career ahead of me for that. Instead, I got what every individual trying to pursue their dream hopes for: reassurance that this is indeed what you were meant to do with your life. And that is priceless.

WWF Sweater Day

Our small team in Montreal, three people strong, strove to help individuals understand the importance of standing up for our planet, and maybe passing on a little inspiration along the way. Although it was challenging at times, we were persistent and tireless, because we knew in our hearts this was a cause worth fighting for.

Earth Hour is about more than just switching off lights and saving electricity; it’s about creating a voice and standing up for what we believe in – a sustainable future for our planet. It’s about how everybody can make a difference, as long as they have a strong mind and an open heart. Look at us: even as a team of only three we tackled our task head-on, and what came out of it was spectacular. Dozens of landmarks across Montreal (and Quebec) shut off their lights for Earth Hour, and with every light that went off in the city that night, I couldn’t help but think “I helped do this.” It was the most amazing feeling in the world, and I can only imagine that everyone at the WWF has that same feeling every single day. In the darkness of Earth Hour, there was light. That light is bright enough to ignite the whole world, and hopefully one day, change it.