Can you guess which McDonalds food item this is?

One word – gross!!! :-s

I was never a big fan of fast food to begin with. But let’s be honest, at 3am after a long night out, a nice McD’s burger sometimes just seems like the best idea in the world. Just make sure you don’t order the chicken… You read that right, it’s CHICKEN.

Basically, what this machine is SUPPOSED to do is mechanically separate the meat from the bone. Well, that’s not quite what happens. Instead, they mash EVERYTHING together (bones, eyes and guts), and it comes out as seen above. YUM!

Since meat is obviously infected by bacteria, they use ammonia to get rid of it. How do they get rid of the ammonia taste you ask? Simple – artificial flavoring. How do they get rid of the pink color you ask? Simple – artificial coloring. Well, now wasn’t that easy. No wonder they are making so much profit selling 99 cent burgers.

Now APPARENTLY McDonald’s has not used this technique for their chicken nuggets since 2003. Fewf! Right? Not so fast, there are still plenty of other fast food joints that still use this technique for chicken-based products like nuggets and chicken burgers. So next you order fast food chicken, be sure to do your research!