Can you guess which McDonalds food item this is?

One word – gross!!! :-s

I was never a big fan of fast food to begin with. But let’s be honest, at 3am after a long night out, a nice McD’s burger sometimes just seems like the best idea in the world. Just make sure you don’t order the chicken… You read that right, it’s CHICKEN.

Basically, what this machine is SUPPOSED to do is mechanically separate the meat from the bone. Well, that’s not quite what happens. Instead, they mash EVERYTHING together (bones, eyes and guts), and it comes out as seen above. YUM!

Since meat is obviously infected by bacteria, they use ammonia to get rid of it. How do they get rid of the ammonia taste you ask? Simple – artificial flavoring. How do they get rid of the pink color you ask? Simple – artificial coloring. Well, now wasn’t that easy. No wonder they are making so much profit selling 99 cent burgers.

Now APPARENTLY McDonald’s has not used this technique for their chicken nuggets since 2003. Fewf! Right? Not so fast, there are still plenty of other fast food joints that still use this technique for chicken-based products like nuggets and chicken burgers. So next you order fast food chicken, be sure to do your research!


Happy National Bird Day!

January 5th 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of National Bird Day! Organized by Born Free USA it promotes the idea that “non-domesticated animals that belong in the wild, where they can fly free and express their natural behaviors”. Also, birds should not be sold in pet stores; instead we should appreciate those that fly free outside our windows, and discourage captive bird trade. Click here to see how you can get involved!

To celebrate National Bird Day, here are some fun facts about birds:

The Anna’s Hummingbird is considered the fastest animal on Earth. Its courtship dive is faster than a fighter jet a full throttle. It’s swoop experiences forces 10 times the pull of gravity!

Based on similarities in skeletal structure, a good number of scientists have theorized that many modern bird species evolved from the dinosaurs.


Migratory birds (ex. geese) fly in a V-shaped formation to optimize aerodynamics and conserve energy – those in the front ‘break up’ the air along their wing tips, which both decreases air resistance for those behind and creates a sort of vortex behind the group, pushing the whole formation forward.

Some birds cannot fly. For example, the ostrich, penguin, emu, cassowary, rhea, and kiwi.

Kiwi bird (New Zealand)

The ostrich is the world’s largest (living bird). Adult males can be up to 8 feet tall and weigh between 140 to 230 pounds! Since it is also flightless, it depends on running to escape predators. Beware, they also pack a powerful kick!


Holiday Fails

Sad you didn’t get that white Christmas you were hoping for? Maybe some of these winter mishaps will cheer you up!

Kid, I think the snow goes on the snowman!

But really, why was it open in the first place?

Guess you’ll have to wait til next year to get it out this time.

This one isn’t quite a mishap… yet.

So sad, so true.

This is one lucky driver!

Even if you don’t have snow, you can still put up Christmas lights right? Or, you know, “ditto” your neighbor’s.

Celebs that Rock! Environmentally Conscious Celebrities

We’ve all heard about California senator Arnold Schwarzenegger revealing his secret love child, French actor Gerard Depardieu peeing on the carpet of a passenger plane, and Hugh Hefner’s runaway bride Crystal Harris calling off the wedding then heading to Vegas to ‘drown her sorrows’. But what about those celebs that take time out of their busy schedules to promote environmental awareness and activism to help make this world a better place for future generations? Don’t they deserve just as much attention, if not more? We think so. Today we’re turning the spotlight on deserving environmentally conscious celebrities. Let’s hope it stays there for a while.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s play a game – ready, go. What is the first word that come to mind when we say… Leo? If you said “tigers”, then you read our mind, and not just because they’re both wildcats. For over a year and a half now, Leo has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund for their Save Tigers Now campaign, which aims to double the tiger population by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. Somewhere between filming Shutter Island and Inception, DiCaprio found time to travel to Asia to help the WWF kick off this ambitious endeavor.

Mark Ruffalo

DiCaprio’s Inception co-star, Mark Ruffalo, has an ambitious endeavor of his own—abolishing the use of fossil fuels. He is also taking a stand against fracking—the process of injecting huge volumes of water, sand and chemicals deep underground to break up rock formations and release gas for harvesting. Ruffalo maintains that the “energy, and time and people power” spent on ensuring the safety of natural-gas-exploiting communities should be put towards renewables instead.

Sophia Bush

What’s hotter than Sophia Bush sporting a red satin sash in efforts to entice her One Tree Hill boyfriend Austin Nichols into the bedroom? How about Sophia Bush sporting a green “Respect your mother” shirt (Mother Nature, that is), in efforts to entice fellow environmentalists to take action around the BP oil spill. Now THAT’S sizzling! I wonder how many people could be “enticed” to take a stand against climate change if she exchanged that red sash for a “Go Green” one? Hmm…

Adrian Grenier

Entourage may be over, but Adrian Grenier’s fight for the environment is not. A self-proclaimed environmental activist, he has a slew of projects, from his show Alter Eco on Planet Green—which demonstrates how viewers can make simple changes to their lifestyle—to advocating various charities like Global Green and The Best Friends Animal Society. Grenier was also the recipient of the 2008 Blue Sky Award for Environmental Activism. Way to use your powers for good and not evil, Aquaman!

Cameron Diaz

Last—but definitely not least—on our list is blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz. In her documentary Cameron Diaz Saves the World! she goes zipping around the country in a hybrid car in efforts to inspire the masses to ‘ask questions’ about their surroundings rather than simply accepting obliviousness. Promoting engagement with her bubbly and approachable personality is what Cameron does best! She even helped former US Vice President Al Gore form Save Our Selves, which threw the Live Earth concert back in 2007. Talented actress, bombshell, and environmental activist – what more could we ask for?


Ever wondered what it would look like to see Arctic sea ice loss in real time? NCAR scientists Marika Holland and David Bailey have created a video that speeds up this process for us viewers, using monthly data from 1979 to the present, and even adding some future projections up until the year 2100.